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Dr. Nesar Amanzai

Dr. Nisar Ahmad Amanzai

A young MD-General Dentist with great enthusiast in General Dentistry specially in Dental Implant and Orthodontics with more than 5 years experiences. It is honor for me that I am one the founder and CEO of Medenta Oral Dental Care Center (Brand Services in Afghanistan).


- MD of Stomatology Faculty 

- Fellowship from ICOI 

- Dental Implant Certificate  from Hong Kong Univeristy 

- Oral Medicine Certificate from Penn University 

Certificate from Ripe Global Platform and...

 * All on X Treatment from (Ripe Global)
 * Fast Natural Posterior Fillings from (Ripe Global)
 * Fundamental Soft Tissue Techniques in Implants from (Ripe Global)
 * Managing Bone Loss from (Ripe Global)
 * Posterior Quadrant Dentistry from (Ripe Global)
 * Posterior Quadrant Dentistry from (Ripe Global)
 * Simplified Approach to Advanced Composite from (Ripe Global)
 * Soft Tissue Management from (Ripe Global)
 * Soft Tissue Online Lecture from (Ripe Global)
 * Cavity preparation from (Afghanistan Association of Stomatology’s Students)