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Dental Implantology

Your teeth can partly lose their function due to the loss or damage of a tooth or molar. An implant can be placed to allow your teeth to function as well as possible again and to avoid experiencing complaints.

An implant replaces the tooth root and is inserted into the jaw like a screw. The implant is placed in the bone and mimics the natural functioning of the teeth. Over time, a new tooth, molar, bridge or denture can be attached. This material is body-friendly and therefore not harmful to the patient.

For implantology treatments we work together with renowned specialists. At Medenta Dental Clinic for restorative and aesthetic dentistry in Kabul, we determine together with a specialist whether an implant is suitable and possible. We will check whether the functional aspects are correct in order to guarantee sustainability. In addition, it is important that the gums and teeth are healthy. An implant can be placed when one or more teeth and/or molars are missing.